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Top 10: Christmas Gifts for Globetrotters & Travel Lovers

Everyone loves getting presents, why wouldn’t you? But buying Christmas presents for our friends and family can be hard, especially nowadays when everyone already seems to have everything they need. So to help bring in the holiday cheer, we’ve rounded up our top 10 unique Christmas gifts for those who tend to be difficult to shop for, and who are also particularly fond of travelling.

1. Travel Journal

Travel Journal Christmas Gift Ideas

Bound in fabric or leather, and beautifully illustrated with vintage maps and inspirations from around the world, these exotic journals are ideal for anyone you know who holds travel memories dear. Tour the globe and store your priceless memories in a journal whose splendour captures the beauty of travel.

£20, available from www.libretto-group.com

2. P5 noise isolating mobile hi-fi headphones from Bowers & Wilkins


Compatible with most Apple devices as well as regular headphone sockets, these stylish noise-isolating headphones are the perfect partner for anyone looking to become the master of surround-sound. Slide them on, and only listen to your favourite tunes as loud as you like, safe in the knowledge that no one else is listening in to your playlist!

£250, available from www.bowers-wilkins.co.uk

3. Scratch Map

Scratch Map Christmas Gift Ideas

Know anyone who wears their immigration stamps like a badge of honour? Or thinks of their visas as a licence to be ‘bad-ass’? This World Map is made for them. Simply scratch away the wax over places you’ve visited and create a live documentary of your globetrotting. Travel, record, and remember. Then show it off!

£15.95, available at www.scratchmap.co.uk

4. Soar


For Christmas, Aesop has released this trio of exotic bathroom essentials for all gentlemen far and wide. Named after the Hawaiian Koiea, a graceful honeyeater, and also suitable for post-workout purification, it’s an ideal gift for men who understand that to look good, you need to smell good.

£55, available from www.aesop.com

5. On the Map: Why the World Looks the Way It Does – Simon Garfield


Described by the Independent as a ‘rollicking sweep through map history, packed with curiosities and written with verve’, this is an absolute must-read for any contemporary map lover. Start a fascinating new voyage this Christmas, and with Simon Garfield at the helm, it’s sure to be a journey to remember.

£16.99, available from www.amazon.co.uk

6. iPhone driSuit Endurance


A dream come true for any iPhone user, this iPhone driSuit lets your iPhone follow you to new, hidden depths. Travel underwater, play on the beach, or hike through mountains, and  relax knowing that the protective gel layer is keeping your phone safe and cosy. Phew!

£40, available from www.photojojo.com

7. Set of six Great Britain Map Plates


These set of stunning white bone china plates depicting a large vintage Great Britain map across them, are a beautiful addition to any household. Perfect for any British fan of fine china, and made for those who feel patriotic all year round, these map plates will help Christmas taste that much sweeter. Aaaaaw.

£130, available from www.liberty.co.uk

8. Oliver Sweeney Swipe Gloves


These stylish, touch-sensitive leather gloves will delight any of the fashion-conscious out there. Rid the world of those ridiculous gloves that were woolly affairs, and trade them for these Swipe Gloves that allow you to comfortably use TouchTec technology in any type of weather, and in style.

£99, available from www.oliversweeney.com

9. Tapestry Cushion


This plush feather-filled tapestry cushion complete with striking Burmese imagery inspired by photography, is an ideal companion for any traveller who loves a good night’s sleep at a moment’s notice. No matter where you are, this square of feathery goodness is sure to bring you nothing but sweet, sweet, dreams.

£56, available at www.liberty.co.uk

10. Suitcase All Aboard Board Game


A great gift for any fan of geography as your knowledge is put to the test in an exciting after-Christmas-dinner travel-themed game. Bring your love for exploring the world right to your door as you travel to exotic locations, navigate through interesting obstacles, and try to take the express route to victory. Hurrah!

£12, available from www.johnlewis.com

By Charles Oben (inspired by Conde Nast)