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Travel-Themed Valentine’s Day Gifts: For Him, For Her, For Two


Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and we’ve been turning the heat up searching high and low for a fabulous selection of trip treats and lovey-dovey presents. Take a look at our top-picks for romantic travel-themed gifts that will woo the socks off your globetrotting-other. Think magic multi-purpose beauty balms and sleek travel wallets for her; seductive in-flight friendly scents for him; and sexy city guides and a bug spray with bite for you both!


Aspinal Black Jewel Calf & Red Suede, £125

Sophisticated, elegant and very chic, the Aspinal Classic UK Travel Collection is your passport to partner perfection! This sassy travel wallet set includes two stunning luggage tags and also a pride-of-Britain passport cover. Made from beautiful Black Jewel Calf Leather and luxuriously lined in moiré silk with contrasting plush red soft-suede, the wallet oozes style and sophistication. You can even personalise it with her initials to make it extra special.


Bobbi Brown Caviar & Oyster Collection Mini Brush Set, £60

Give her the gift of beauty this Valentine’s Day. This absolutely adorable travel brush set from Bobbi Brown is handbag friendly, classy as anything and is perfect for a romantic weekend away. With four classic tools of the trade, flawless make-up application is guaranteed on the go.  For flawless makeup application wherever you go, we kitted out our travel brush set with four tools of the trade (in handbag-friendly sizes). Inspired by Bobbi’s Caviar & Oyster Collection, this limited edition set feels chic yet edgy in a sleek black leather-like case lined with slipper-pink satin. Beautiful!


Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant, 50ml, £25

If you only buy one beauty product for your globetrotting lovely, let this be it! Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is quite possibly the most magical multi-tasking balm to have hit this planet. The cult skincare classic restores, calms and helps relieve chapped, cracked and dry skin. It works efficiently to sooth roughness, redness and minor skin irritations. In fact, the uses are practically endless! Perfect for travel, the award winning cream is a make-up artist must-have and will cut down on all her beauty products. So do your girlfriend (and yourself) a favour…


Longchamp, Le Pliage Shopper in red, from £62

Treat your woman to a gift that she’ll use every single day. Longchamp’s fold-away shoppers are practical, light-as-a-feather and a worldwide phenomenon, making them the ultimate travel companion! Make her the lady in red with this romance-ready pop of colour.


Red Cities Case by Verso, £39.99

Bring back the romance of well-loved hardback novels with this handcrafted and foil-stamp embellished cover for her new-age Kindle. Now she’ll be able to travel light with a hint of by-gone days, carrying millions of lovely digital books in this elegant hardback case. You could even hide your Kindle amongst your paper books when you’ve finished with it for the day – no one will ever know. Genius!




L’Atelier du Vin, Oeno Travel Box, £127

Tantalise his taste buds with L’Atelier du Vin’s travel Oeno box: the ultimate treat for wine-lovers the world over. He’ll discover the aromas of 50 European wines, sniffing them gradually, letting their smells awaken echoes and souvenirs. Perfectly portable, he can keep this stunning collection close to his heart at home and on holiday. Yes please!


Diptyque, L’Eau de Neroli Roll-On Cologne, £28

Diptique’s Neroli is not only in-flight friendly and ultra elegant but is a fragrance that stirs the senses with evocative notes. Re-live sunnier climes with neroli and orange blossom that rise on sparkling clear notes of bergamot, giving your man the essence of the mediterranean. The roll on metal ball further intensifies the citrus notes of the scent, leaving spicy orange blossom lingering seductively on his pulse points. Mmmmmmm.


Personalised Grid Reference Handmade Keyring and Ring, Alison Moore Designs, £87 and £80

Inspired by wave-like map contours, these charming handmade rings and keyrings are the ideal romantic gesture for a man with subtle taste and travel on the brain. The solid sterling silver countour rings and keyrings are engraved with the grid reference of a location that is poignant to both of you. Be it the restaurant you had your first date in, the church you were married in, or the house you first bought together, he can carry this gift with him always.  Subtle yet sexy.


Personalised Men’s Wash Bag and Hand Towel, the Alphabet Gift Shop, £26

Make travel a little more exciting with this matching wash bag and towel for your man. It’s neat shape and style means that it is perfect for packing into a cabin bag for weekend in Prague… just because you can! Its roomy interior is easily accessible and there are three individual pockets to keep toothbrush, razor and comb separate from the shower gel and aftershave. Embroider both the wash bag and hand towel with his initials for an extra special touch.



Bespoke Wooden Map Heart Box, Bombus, £40

These bespoke wooden boxes from Bombus are thoughtful, utterly unique and absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day. Heartfelt and travel-themed, the handmade boxes are personalised with a vintage map printed in the centre representing a location close to your heart.This little wood heart also works as a secret lock to keep the lid closed and you can even have your initials or a special date engraved on the lid. Bombus use pieces of real, vintage maps so each box is is uniquely handmade for you. Simply delightful!


Tabasco, Miniature Travel Pack 6 x 3.7ml, £5.99

Spice up your meal wherever you are with this Tabasco Pepper Sauce travel pack. It features four miniature bottles of everyone’s favourite taste-boosting pepper sauce. Turn up the heat on your next adventure and take a taste of home with you!


Cowshed Horny Cow Seductive Travel Candles 4 x 38g , £22

Pick up this pack of Horny Cow Seductive Travel Candles the next time you’re planning a romantic retreat abroad. for . The 100% natural and organic candles are infused with rose absolute and essential oils of desirous patchouli and warming cinnamon to give you both a boost of passion when you’re on your travels together. Steamy stuff!


 Luxe City Guides, from £4.99

Compact enough to fit in a handbag or under your arm out on-the-go, Luxe has a fabulous collection of city guides that are as practical and useful as they are stylish and sexy. With short, sharp and snappy reviews, mixed with a personal-style of writing the guides give you all of the must-know information from the main attractions to the lesser-known ‘hidden treasures’. The latest edition focuses on the city of love and romance, Paris, and features the most up-to-date information on the key sights, best places to shop and most delicious places to eat. Weekend getaway to Paris anyone…?!


Stamp Art Heart, Bombus, £55

A unique, hand-made gift to grace any home. A medley of used stamps from around the world with striking display of shapes, images and vibrant colours are carefully selected to form the heart shape. Each heart cheerfully represents the wonder of travel and the colourful diversity of the globe. Pretty! We want one.


Intelligent Nutrients Bug repellent, £16

Attract the right sort of bites with this profoundly unique spray! Intelligent Nutrients’ certified organic personal perfume is skillfully crafted to attract humans whilst repelling biting, stinging and scourging insects. Free from drying and dehydrating chemicals, the skin loving and non greasy combination of oils condition and soften while providing moisture resistance. Love bite anyone?!



Ode to Suitcases: 20 Innovative Ideas

Old Style SuitcaseBig ones on wheels. Small ones with buckles. Fat ones stuffed to the brim. Colourful ones decorated with tags and ribbons. Expensive ones with designer labels and posh little padlocks. Sturdy ones that boast new technology and protective metal plating. Mini ones in the shape of cartoon characters that double up as trolleys for little tykes. The list goes on.

A suitcase is a suitcase, though…. Or is it?

God bless those sturdy box-like receptacles that allow us to lug our belongings from one continent to another. They never moan or complain, no matter how much we stuff them, no matter how much we squash them and drag them and throw them, no matter how much we grumble about them being overweight and heavy.

Flung haphazardly on top of the wardrobe or stuffed into the heaving collection of unwanted items in the loft, the ever-faithful suitcase lies patiently, collecting dust, until the sniff of a holiday awakens travel hopes anew.  Battered, broken, tatty and old, don’t resign your suitcase to a life of misery piled into a dirty skip with rusty car parts and your next door neighbour’s rotting armchair.

No matter what state they’re in, our faithful friends deserve reincarnation.

Everyone’s got baggage so you may as well pack it up in something beautiful and once you think your suitcase has had its heyday, don’t  be so dismissive.

Think outside the suitcase.

1. Suitcase Sewing Box


2. Suitcase Side Table


3. Suitcase Library

Suitcase Bookshop Library

4. Suitcase Picnic Hamper


5. Suitcase Charging and Docking System


6. Suitcase Drawers


7. Suitcase Chair-Table Combo


8. Suitcase Work Station


9. Suitcase Fashion Armchair


10. Suitcase Towel Rack


11. Suitcase Table Stand


12. Suitcase Bathroom Vanity Cabinet


13. Suitcase Shelves


14. Suitcase Drinks Cabinet & Mini-Bar


15. Suitcase Garden & Planter


16. Suitcase Bathroom Cabinet


17. Suitcase Hallway Display


18. Suitcase Pet Bed

Suitcase Pet Bed

19. Suitcase Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box Suitcase

20. Suitcase Keepsake Box

Suitcase Keepsake Box

Top Ten: Travel Books

There’s nothing quite like delving into a good book, especially at Christmas time when its cold and dark outside and you can cuddle up in the corner of the sofa with a cup of coffee cradled in one hand and thick warm socks bear-hugging your tootsies! With that in mind, you may as well grab yourself a fantastic read to keep you hooked.

We’ve racked our brains to come up with ten of our favourite travel-inspired reads so you can pick up a winner or to help to buy that all-elusive Christmas present for your nearest and dearest.

Have a read…!

1. On The Road by Jack Kerouac

On The Road Top Travel Books

‘What’s your road, man? – holyboy road, madman road, rainbow road, guppy road, any road. It’s an anywhere road for anybody anyhow.‘ 

Adventure in abundance, this one is the classic, really. One of those must-read novels if you’re a keen reader and/or traveller.


2. Travels with Charley: In Search of America by John Steinbeck

Travels with Charley Top Travel Books

‘When I was very young and the urge to be someplace else was on me, I was assured by mature people that maturity would cure this itch.’  

Man and man’s best friend on a tour of the US in 1960. A sentimental tale weaving historic context and loveliness, Steinbeck and his poodle Charley will certainly keep you entertained.

 3. Notes From a Small Island by Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson Small Island Top Travel Books

Not a book that should be read in public, for fear of emitting loud snorts – The Times

Witty, nostalgic and a definite for any fan of Bill Bryson’s. These notes on his final journey around Blighty offer some interesting insights into modern society and will have you chuclking away to yourself  all long, especially when you get to the list of bizarre place names!

4. The Beach by Alex Garland

The Beach Top Travel Books

‘This incisive novel may well come to be regarded as a defining text in the history of imaginative travel writing’ – Daily Telegraph

Pure, unadulterated escapism. Alex Garland’s tale of paradise found and lost has become a cult classic for generations of back-packers across the world. The ultimate companion for a trip to the Far East.

5. Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat Pray Love Top Travel Books

It’s about a woman’s sojourn through three countries, and it’s fantastic.’ – Julia Roberts

One for the girls. Gilbert’s novel may not to to everyone’s taste but we love the rich descriptions and unique qualities of Italy, Thailand and India. Magical stuff.

6. The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

The Sun Also Rises Top Travel Books

‘Remarkable, startling, disquieting’ – Spectator

Perhaps one of Hemingway’s finest masterpieces, this novel tells the story of a group of American expats as they immerse themselves in the lives and loves of Paris and Spain in the 1920s.  The bull-fighting sequences in Pamplona are pretty incredible!

7. The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

The God of Small Things Top Travel Books

 ‘May in Ayemenem is a hot, brooding month. The days are long and humid. The river shrinks and black crows gorge on bright mangoes in still, dustgreen trees.’

One of our favourite ever novels and deserved winner of the Booker Prize. Immerse yourself in descriptions and text that will transport you to the heart of Kerala in India. Simply beautiful.

8. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Top Travel Books

‘We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold…’

Surreal, sharp and consistently funny, Hunter S. Thompson’s “Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream” follows Raoul Duke and his attorney Dr Gonzo on a drug-addled trip to Las Vegas.

9. Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2013


Some non-fiction brilliance. As always, Lonely Planet have put together the definite guide for travel in 2013. It’s a goodie and offers tons of reliable information and inspiration.

10. The Great Railway Bazaar by Paul Theroux

Great Railway Bazaar Top Travel Books

‘He has done our travelling for us brilliantly’ –  William Golding

‘I sought trains, I found passengers,’ writes Theroux in his recollection of travelling through Asia in 1973. A story of adventure  fuelled by the romance of the railway. We particularly love the descriptions of the people he encounters along the way.

Which Type of Traveller Are You?

Why do people travel? Some are looking for an adventure, others are keen to see new sights, while many just want some well earned time off. We understand that people travel for different reasons but we still reckon we’ve got enough experiences to suit all traveller-types, so work out which one you are and we’ll match you to your own UTP destination.

The Adrenaline Junkie

The Adrenaline Junkie

You feel alive when your pulse is racing, you don’t need to look before you leap, you like it when there’s a whiff of danger in the air. Sound familiar? Then Nepal is the place for you. With eight of the world’s tallest mountains, the diverse terrain and stunning mountain ranges make Nepal a hotspot for thrill seekers from around the world. Go trekking in the majestic Himalayas, paraglide over Mount Everest itself, abseil down raging waterfalls and bungee jump from the highest jump points on earth. Want to get your blood pumping? You know where to go.

The Explorer

The Explorer

Sights, sounds and new sensations, these make up your holy-holiday trinity. You feel compelled to experience the beauty the world has to offer first-hand. If that struck a chord, it’s time to visit Montenegro. Montenegro is a country that’s rich with spectacular landscapes. Its marvellous coastline is ripe with olive groves, blessed sunshine and picturesque sandy beaches. While the jaw-dropping scenery is full of astonishing snow-capped mountains, gushing emerald green rivers and breath-taking canyons. Explore Montenegro and discover who you are.

The Historian

The Historian

You’ve got a unique appetite, one’s that only sated with forays into the past. Ancient civilizations, archaeological digs and a pinch of cultural heritage are what you like best. You’re sure to get your fill in Romania. From the untouched Transylvanian rural countryside plastered with villages that still use farming techniques long since passed, the beautifully preserved Saxon villages of Sibiu and Sighisoara, and the capital city dripping with remnants of its communist past, there is everything and more for any fan of history. Get ready to travel through time.

 The Zen Master

The Zen Master

You want to kick back and relax, stretch your legs out and let your daydreams take you far, far, far away. You’ll find peace and quiet waiting for you in Kasbah Bab Ourika, Morocco. Hidden in the spectacular Ourika Valley and known as the gateway to the glorious Atlas Mountains, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful place for a peaceful retreat. Gaze out at magical sunrises and sunsets from the Kasbah’s sunkissed terrace, bask in the alluring aroma of the blooming gardens, and take a dip in the scintillating infinity pool. Welcome to paradise.

By Charles Oben

Top Five: Christmas Getaways 2012

With Christmas fast approaching, ‘tis the season to be jolly. And what better way to celebrate than to treat yourself to a fantastic Christmas getaway. So whether you’re looking for a bit of adventure, or just want to escape the winter blues, here are five of our favourite festive trips to give you some inspiration for Christmas getaways this year.


1. Ice Hotel, Romania

Ice Hotel Romania Christmas Getaway

A trip to the breath-taking Ice Hotel is ideal for a long weekend getaway. Including an evening of glamour spent in the vibrant capital city of Bucharest, prepare to be swept away into the heart of rural Romania through the plains of the Transylvanian countryside. Spend your afternoons in the beautiful towns of Brasov and Sibiu, and explore the ruins of Rasnov Fortress and Romania’s ancient culture at your leisure.  Top it all off with the magical experience of staying at the Ice Hotel. It’s the only way to guarantee snow this Christmas.

2. Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Kasbah Bab Ourika Atlas Mountains Christmas

Sublime relaxation and luxurious surroundings await you at Kasbah Bab Ourika. Perched on a hilltop in the stunning Ourika valley, there’s not a more picturesque setting in which to stay within the majestic Atlas Mountains. Experience magical Christmas sunsets from the Kasbah’s sunkissed terrace, which offers spectacular 360 degree views of the rugged landscape. With gardens blossoming with flowers, stunning views and an infinity pool to die for, the Kasbah Bab Ourika offers the perfect peaceful retreat.

3. Transylvania, Romania

Sibiu Transylvania Romania Christmas Winter

 If you’re after 7 nights of wonder for your Christmas escape, this is the trip for you. With our discovery bus tour, you’ll soon see why Romania is known as the land of choice. The trip includes a fantastic cross-section of the country’s history, culture and architecture, a passage through the rural countryside to the medieval saxon towns of Brasov and Sibiu, and of course, a trip up through the clouds to the stunning, hand-carved Ice Hotel. Escape to a fairytale land this Christmas and expect lots and lots of snow!

4. Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh Christmas Escape

Spend Christmas in exotic Marrakesh and enjoy the sensory overload. The vibrant city has an allure of charm that hits you as soon as you set foot on Moroccan soil. Be careful you don’t get carried away bartering for goods in the Souks, they have everything you could possible imagine. You could always cool down with a leisurely dip in the azure swimming pools of the Palmery if you need a quick breather. And fans of spectacular views can go hot air ballooning over Marrakesh. The sights from up on high will blow you away.

5. Sahara Desert, Morocco

Sahara Desert Morocco Christmas Retreat

Our 3 night Private Desert Tour lets you experience the magic of the Sahara. Things start off with a soothing trip through the Atlas Mountains, along a route so beautiful that you’ll be eager for more. Throughout the voyage you’ll be amazed by the spectacular sights, from the wonderful Kasbah Ait Behnaddou, to the serene Skoura Oasis, and the marvellous Todra Gorge. Of course nothing will compare to the enchanting night in Bedouin tents amongst the towering tunes in the deep desert. And watching the sunrise atop a camel from deep within the Sahara is a one-of-a-kind sight you’ll have to see to believe.

By Charles Oben

Seen anything you like? If you’re interested in booking a trip away this Christmas but need some more information, you can get in contact with us at or give us a call on 0871 662 9521. 

A Real Halloween Experience by Agra-Maria Hadjipanayotis

One of our fabulous clients has written a fantastic piece on her trip to Transylvania. Just in time for Halloween too. Don’t get too spooked! Head over to Agra’s website Diving and Travelling for more of her adventures.

Our journey to Transylvania

Dracula Castle

Together with two very good friends, and after having watched Bram Stocker’s Dracula, several times, we decided to visit the “Dracula Castle”, near Bran and get into the spirit of the movie. Besides booking our flights, everything else was arranged for us by a specialist in adventure travelling and in very unique trips, which are definitely off the beaten track,
The castle has become a very popular attraction in Romania, even though there is no evidence that Dracula had any association with this castle. On the way to Bran the story telling of ghosts, goblins and other spooky creatures had affected us all. I think we were all expecting to see the Count himself, in front of us!
There is an open air market with traditional Romanian products just below the castle. The boys got a bottle of homemade Tuica, a spirit made from plums, to bring some warmth to us in the extreme Transylvanian cold! We also tried some local cheese or even better local ‘Brânză ’. Specifically we tasted Brânză de coşuleţ which is made of sheep’s milk, which had a very strong, yet delicious taste and a semi-soft texture.

As we looked up the hill, the castle stood out and the snowy wind that blew and shook the trees made the atmosphere spooky. The setting was really out of a Coppola movie!
We couldn’t wait to go up and visit the Castle, which is a museum open to the public with collectibles and exhibits of Queen Mary, As well as costumes, treasures and exhibits depicting the local traditions.

After our visit inside the castle, we went to a traditional Romanian Restaurant, Wolf restaurant, close by and tried the local cuisine; even though the food was rich in taste and a bit heavy on the stomach, all the dishes were all delicious.

Helen-Marie a blogger of gray notes, who was with us shares her personal experience of the ‘Dracula Castle.’
The Dracula legend has always intrigued me; so the part of our Romanian trip to which I was mostly looking forward to was our trespass through the Transylvanian terrain, culminating in a visit to the infamous Bran Castle. Stoker’s tale tells of Jonathan Harker’s passage through the mountains heading towards the Count’s castle as a chilling experience, filled with local mystic superstitions, and the presence of spirits that sent shivers up the readers’ spine. Approaching his destination, Harker is almost in a trance of fear but also a strange excitement, and this was exactly what I feel bearing closer to the Bran Castle. As I explored corridor after corridor, level after level, the hope of sensing Dracula waned. Instead, the castle was a shrine of exhibits to Queen Mary who inhabited the castle as there is no actual proof the historic Vlad III Dracul Tepes, of Order Dragon, the Prince of Wallacia who was branded by urban legend as being, Count Dracula, the first Vampire.
Sadly, only one section of the entire castle was devoted to the legend, and it did not contain artifacts, only some information about the man, his reign, and that there is no true Dracula association with the Bran Castle. What a disappointment for those (like me) who clenched at the hope of discovering some truth in the legend, or the illusion that the creature of darkness once lurked between the walls that surrounded me.
Having said that, the Bran Castle is in itself a truly remarkable landmark and piece of architecture, so I was able to enjoy its beauty after I got over my initial Dracula craving.

Rasnov Fortress
Straight after lunch we visited Rasnov Fortress, a less touristy place with beautiful views from the top of the fortress. We climbed up to the top although there is a little train that takes you to the entrance if you are feeling lazy or are having trouble digesting your lunch. The Fortress was built-in the 14th century as a protective barrier from invasions; inhabitants of Rasnov in times of war moved there with their livestock. Today, one can walk around and see the remainings of the fortress, a deep well 175 m deep and some small shops around, selling traditional products and souvenirs.

We spend our evening in Brasov, a very picturesque city. We stayed right in the center of Brasov’s old town square at Casa Wagner hotel which was arranged for us byUntravelled Paths as they have personally checked all the hotels in the area and they recommend only the best ones. The hotel is in a historic building dating back to 1477 and each room has a unique décor and ambience.

Just outside the hotel, there was a local market that opens in the evening with many local goodies, which made us salivate. Hot mulled wine, traditional grilled sausages, caramelized apples were only a few of the things the food stalls were selling. The best thing we discovered though was Kurtos Kolaks, a “barbecue chimney cake”. Kurtos Kolaks are big rolls of dough, baked over coal and covered with caramelized sugar or other toppings like chocolate, walnuts and coconut flakes. It is one of the best desserts we have ever tried in our travels.

At night we went for dinner at Bella Muzica, a MUST-visit restaurant which is really atmospheric with excellent cuisine, in the historic centre of Brasov. We had a great candlelit dinner in a very romantic and warm setting, underground in a long cave with stone walls. Our night ended in a lovely bar “Muzik” for some drinks!



  • Untravalled paths is the best choice for organizing your visit to Romania
  • Cristina Pavel is an excellent guide! Thank you Cristina!
  •  Warm clothes as temperatures in Romania are chilly
  •  Make a reservation at the restaurants in Brasov- untraveled paths gives you a mini guide book of all the places they have checked out and they recommend.
  • You will need lots of imagination/fantasy to get into the spirit of Dracula
  • Beware of the dark! …..


3 Reasons: NOT to Sleep in an Ice Hotel More Than One Night

Sleeping in the Ice Hotel Romania

A bucket list essential. A once in a lifetime experience. A wish-list topper. The ultimate box-ticker. A ‘must-do’ before your time on this magical world comes to an end. 

Yes, I think we all agree that sleeping in an ice hotel is definitely ‘up there’ on most people’s lists. But how can you make the experience one you’ll treasure for the rest of your life? Well, for a start, make it short and sweet. More than one night sleeping in an ice hotel is not as glamorous as it sounds although it’s something clients ask us all the time. So here are the reasons why you shouldn’t sleep more than one night in an ice hotel.

1. The smell

Unless you want to get very, very cold, you should refrain from washing whilst staying at an ice hotel. This is because washing strips the body of the natural oils it needs to keep you warm. So if you’re planning on sleeping multiple nights in the cold you’re likely to get more than a little bit stinky. You could always choose to have your daily shower, although you’ll end up fighting the cold.

Smell at the Ice Hotel

2. The cold

The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of those of us visiting ice hotels across the world are not eskimos. We don’t like being too cold. So although the prospect of sleeping in an ice hotel is incredibly exciting, enthusiasm is likely to dwindle significantly after the first night. We much prefer the idea of snuggling up the night after an icy adventure in a cosy boutique hotel room in a big fluffy duvet. Don’t you?

How cold is it in Ice Hotel

3. The boredom

So you’re up at the Ice Hotel for the third night running. You’ve just about exhausted all the activities on the mountain within the first couple of days. You’re pretty tired and all you want to do is have a nap in your little hotel room. Unfortunately, your hotel room is made of ice and it’s not somewhere you can relax the afternoon away. Unless you want to ‘chill out’ to the extreme, it’s unlikely you’ll be looking forward to yet another night in sub-zero temperatures either. One night is enough. Trust us.

What to do at Ice Hotel

So if you should only be sleeping in an ice hotel for one night, how the heck are you meant to make the experience a holiday and not just an overnight stay? Well, listen up. That’s why all of our handpicked trips to the Balea Lake Ice Hotel are bundled into a range of holiday boxes that include trips to medieval Transylvanian citadels, visits to spooky castles said to have been occupied by terrifying vampire-counts, city-breaks in buzzing Bucharest and, of course, the icing on the cake: one night in the Ice Hotel at Balea Lake in Romania.

It may only be one night at the Ice Hotel but, by gum, is it a night to remember! 

Come take a look at some of our favourite handpicked trips to the Ice Hotel, Romania here.