Ode to Suitcases: 20 Innovative Ideas

Old Style SuitcaseBig ones on wheels. Small ones with buckles. Fat ones stuffed to the brim. Colourful ones decorated with tags and ribbons. Expensive ones with designer labels and posh little padlocks. Sturdy ones that boast new technology and protective metal plating. Mini ones in the shape of cartoon characters that double up as trolleys for little tykes. The list goes on.

A suitcase is a suitcase, though…. Or is it?

God bless those sturdy box-like receptacles that allow us to lug our belongings from one continent to another. They never moan or complain, no matter how much we stuff them, no matter how much we squash them and drag them and throw them, no matter how much we grumble about them being overweight and heavy.

Flung haphazardly on top of the wardrobe or stuffed into the heaving collection of unwanted items in the loft, the ever-faithful suitcase lies patiently, collecting dust, until the sniff of a holiday awakens travel hopes anew.  Battered, broken, tatty and old, don’t resign your suitcase to a life of misery piled into a dirty skip with rusty car parts and your next door neighbour’s rotting armchair.

No matter what state they’re in, our faithful friends deserve reincarnation.

Everyone’s got baggage so you may as well pack it up in something beautiful and once you think your suitcase has had its heyday, don’t  be so dismissive.

Think outside the suitcase.

1. Suitcase Sewing Box


2. Suitcase Side Table


3. Suitcase Library

Suitcase Bookshop Library

4. Suitcase Picnic Hamper


5. Suitcase Charging and Docking System


6. Suitcase Drawers


7. Suitcase Chair-Table Combo


8. Suitcase Work Station


9. Suitcase Fashion Armchair


10. Suitcase Towel Rack


11. Suitcase Table Stand


12. Suitcase Bathroom Vanity Cabinet


13. Suitcase Shelves


14. Suitcase Drinks Cabinet & Mini-Bar


15. Suitcase Garden & Planter


16. Suitcase Bathroom Cabinet


17. Suitcase Hallway Display


18. Suitcase Pet Bed

Suitcase Pet Bed

19. Suitcase Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box Suitcase

20. Suitcase Keepsake Box

Suitcase Keepsake Box

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