Which Type of Traveller Are You?

Why do people travel? Some are looking for an adventure, others are keen to see new sights, while many just want some well earned time off. We understand that people travel for different reasons but we still reckon we’ve got enough experiences to suit all traveller-types, so work out which one you are and we’ll match you to your own UTP destination.

The Adrenaline Junkie

The Adrenaline Junkie

You feel alive when your pulse is racing, you don’t need to look before you leap, you like it when there’s a whiff of danger in the air. Sound familiar? Then Nepal is the place for you. With eight of the world’s tallest mountains, the diverse terrain and stunning mountain ranges make Nepal a hotspot for thrill seekers from around the world. Go trekking in the majestic Himalayas, paraglide over Mount Everest itself, abseil down raging waterfalls and bungee jump from the highest jump points on earth. Want to get your blood pumping? You know where to go.

The Explorer

The Explorer

Sights, sounds and new sensations, these make up your holy-holiday trinity. You feel compelled to experience the beauty the world has to offer first-hand. If that struck a chord, it’s time to visit Montenegro. Montenegro is a country that’s rich with spectacular landscapes. Its marvellous coastline is ripe with olive groves, blessed sunshine and picturesque sandy beaches. While the jaw-dropping scenery is full of astonishing snow-capped mountains, gushing emerald green rivers and breath-taking canyons. Explore Montenegro and discover who you are.

The Historian

The Historian

You’ve got a unique appetite, one’s that only sated with forays into the past. Ancient civilizations, archaeological digs and a pinch of cultural heritage are what you like best. You’re sure to get your fill in Romania. From the untouched Transylvanian rural countryside plastered with villages that still use farming techniques long since passed, the beautifully preserved Saxon villages of Sibiu and Sighisoara, and the capital city dripping with remnants of its communist past, there is everything and more for any fan of history. Get ready to travel through time.

 The Zen Master

The Zen Master

You want to kick back and relax, stretch your legs out and let your daydreams take you far, far, far away. You’ll find peace and quiet waiting for you in Kasbah Bab Ourika, Morocco. Hidden in the spectacular Ourika Valley and known as the gateway to the glorious Atlas Mountains, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful place for a peaceful retreat. Gaze out at magical sunrises and sunsets from the Kasbah’s sunkissed terrace, bask in the alluring aroma of the blooming gardens, and take a dip in the scintillating infinity pool. Welcome to paradise.

By Charles Oben


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