Three Reasons: To Book Your Ice Hotel Trip Now

Untravelled Paths’ classic 4 night package to the Ice Hotel is perfect for a long weekend getaway. Including a one night stay in the vibrant capital city of Bucharest, guests are whisked away into the heart rural Romania through the plains of the Transylvanian countryside. With relaxing afternoons spent in the picturesque medieval towns of Brasov and Sibiu, guests also have the opportunity to explore the country’s ancient culture and history, beautifully showcased in the crumbling ruins of Rasnov Fortress and the eerie walls of the Bran Castle, home to the infamous Count Dracula. A once in a lifetime stay at the Ice Hotel is the icing on the cake and, nestled within the snow capped peaks of the Fagaras Mountains, the experience is breath-taking. 

So if that’s not enough to get your wanderlust going, we’re going to give you three good reasons why you should go ahead and book your Ice Hotel adventure right NOW. Go on…

save money ice hotel holiday

1. Something to look forward to

Let’s face it, summer’s over, the cold weather is closing in and there’s not much on the horizon to keep us motivated other than Christmas. Book your adventure to the Ice Hotel, Romania now and give yourself something to look forward to. Go on. You deserve it.

2. Christmas present sorted

You know that person who is absolutely impossible to buy Christmas gifts for? Well this is your answer. A trip to the Ice Hotel is utterly unique, totally unforgettable and one in a million. Smiles all round. Until next year, of course. Need we go on

3. Save money

Booking this far in advance means cheaper flights and increased flexibility so you can choose times and dates that suit you. The pound is also stronger than it has been against the euro, which means better value all round. It’s a winner!

I’m convinced. Take me to the Ice Hotel website please. 


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